60‘s Makeup - Pink Monochromatic Makeup - Bollywood Beauty Tutorial

You thought 60’s makeup and fashion was a vibe, well 60’s Bollywood makeup and fashion was a whole MOOD. Think graphic liner, pops of colour, stunning sarees and jewellery from head to toe! Yep, South Asians’ of the 60’s really added the GLITZ to the GLAM!

Having recently procrasti-pinned some beautiful desi 60’s makeup inspo, I thought I’d try my luck and create my very own version of a little Bollywood mod makeup.   

To showcase the diversity and multi-use application of our innovative 2-IN-1 products, I'm going to create a monochromatic look applying our shade Sharmeen to the lips, cheeks & eyes! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term monochromatic makeup, it basically means when the makeup on your eyes, cheeks and lips are the same shade, creating a uniformed monochromatic look. I personally love wearing monochromatic makeup, one, because it is so easy to apply, two, you can’t really go wrong with the application AND three it gives the illusion of a lot of effort and skill (here’s to faking it till you make it).

As mentioned Sharmeen 2-IN-1 is the leading lady of this look. Sharmeen is a vibrant POP of fuchsia pink which works really well on complexions of both yellow and pink undertones. Meaning my fellow South Asian Sisters and Brown Beauties, you can finally rest easy and shop your perfect pink lipstick, cheek tint, eyeshadow & eyeliner ALL in just 1 product.  


Step 1:

Let’s start with the eyes! It wouldn’t be 60’s glam without a graphic liner. To keep things simple and not sabotage myself at step 1, I’m creating a simple foxy wing that drags out at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. To create the wing, I’ve applied the liquid lipstick end of Sharmeen 2-IN-1 with a thin brush.

Step 2:

Now that the eyes are complete, I’ll add a rosy flush to the cheeks using the hydrating matte lipstick end of Sharmeen 2-IN-1, applying the product to a stippled brush then gradually building colour to the apples of the cheeks. You can also use your finger by dotting the product to the cheeks and then blending out gently with your finger.

Step 3:

You’ve guessed it, my favourite step applying the LIPSTICK! I want the lips to be bold and vivacious, so I’ll be applying both ends of Sharmeen 2-IN-1, to ensure comfort, long wear and hyper pigmented results. I’ll apply the hydrating matte lipstick first by patting onto the lips to build a protective lip stain, then I’ll define, shape and intensify the lip colour with the liquid lipstick end of the product.

In just three simple steps, and with just one 2-IN-1 product, I’ve been able to bring my Pinterest pins to life! I have to admit the combo of the mod makeup, South Asian bling and voluminous bangs, has me feeling like a 60’s Bollywood babe!

If you want to see how I create this look, watch the tutorial below and click: Sharmeen 2-IN-1  to shop the shade. 

VendorSHARMEEN | Berry Pink Matte Lipstick & Liquid Lipstick

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]