There are a million reasons why I decided to create TASNEEM Cosmetics, the most important reason relates to inclusiveness. I wanted to create a brand that celebrates all types of people, cultures and colours.

For many years I personally struggled with feeling the love when it came to makeup especially when finding the perfect lipstick shade, for some reason if you're 2 shades darker than "almond" you're going to face nightmare nudes and off-tone reds. Having had enough of being left out of the commercial beauty industry, I decided to create my very own custom multi-use makeup, with shades carefully crafted to suit not only my skin tone but also a variety of complexions!

Aside from providing a killer colour range and quality formula, TASNEEM multi-use makeup are a 2-IN-1 product that can be applied to the lips, cheeks, and eyes. TASNEEM multi-use makeup come double-ended with a matte hydrating formula on one end and a liquid long-lasting formula on the other.

Being a third-generation South Asian woman living in a Western society I wanted to foster a brand that acknowledges and celebrates my personal cultural background along with a multitude of backgrounds. For too long brands and society have happily utilised people or colour for their appearance/aesthetic but not given them a voice/identity or even considered them in the development process of creating their beauty products.

My personal cultural upbringing has defined the person I am today, from appearance, mindset, interaction, and character. So I am making it a KEY focus for TASNEEM Cosmetics to unify Beauty, Culture, AND Colours!


2-IN-1 products come with a full size hydrating stick formula and full size bottle of long lasting liquid formula.

All 2-IN-1 products are multi-use and can be used as a lipstick, cheek tint, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Allowing you to create a complete colour matching makeup look, with just 1 product!

For lips - first, apply the matte stick formula for a pigmented and hydrating base, then seal with a thin layer of the liquid formula for long-lasting results.

For cheeks - dab the matte formula to the apples of the cheeks and blend out for a beautiful pigmented and hydrating cheek tint.

For eyeshadow - dot the liquid formula to the centre of the eye and blend out for a beautiful wash of colour that is water-resistant and long-lasting.

For eyeliner - dot and glide the liquid formula across the edge of the eyelid, customising your ideal winged liner look. Results are high defined pigment, water-resistant, and long-lasting.

Below is a sneaky snap shot of our amazing colour range, head to SHOP