A VERY Relatable Quiz for South Asian Millennials ✌🏾

Note: This vibey quiz is all in FUN and derived from my OWN personal experiences as a South Asian Millennial. Don't get it twisted, keep it cute and ENJOY xoxo TASNEEM
  1. What advice do brown parents give when you say you have depression?
Drink more milk
  1. Have you spent more time crying over a crush or knowing you have Kumon on Saturday morning?
  1. When your brown parents don’t actually know what your bother in-law does for a living, they say he is in, what profession?
  1. What is the worst thing you can do when you visit an aunties house?
Not drink the chai and eat the mishti
  1. Finish this sentence by your desi mum, ‘Remember my dentist’s daughter, she’s 2 years younger than you and she is a doctor, she is…”
Getting married
  1. Why weren’t you allowed to cut your nails at night?
Bad luck
  1. What was in the biscuit tin? Clue not biscuits.
Sewing supplies
  1. What was the general theme of the solo dances for your annual language school function? (Context that nobody asked for: I would attend Bangla school on Saturdays, every year we would have a BIG Bengali function in a rented out school hall or school oval and we would perform group and solo dances (yes the desi stage mums did come out), do lit 🔥 fashion shows and eat pani puri IT WAS VIBES) 
Something revolving around a village girl charming a snake from a basket
  1. It is never a complete meal unless there is what food involved?
Rice and dhal periodT
  1. Ranking from between becoming a doctor/lawyer/engineer or mythical creature, where does your creative arts degree sit in your parents’ eyes?
Amongst flying unicorns & leprechauns