A Very VIBEY 'This OR That'

In the mood to catch a vibe? Well here is a vibey inspo list of 'this or that', for what reason? None at all! But I can guarantee you’ll be inspired by something on this list.

1) First up let’s talk swimming spots! Are you all about the gorgeous grottos of Spain OR do you prefer the palms trees and sandy beaches of the Maldives?

2) Are you a cocktail queen or wise for the wine? Perhaps a spicy margarita OR a vixen for the vino...

3) What’s your street-style combo go to, satin skirts and sneakers OR jeans and heels?

4) A good hair day can perform miracles! Are you rocking bangs OR a slick-back hairstyle?

5) With your dream home vision board are you pinning minimal décor OR rustic renovations?

6) Sunday brunch you’re craving a coffee and pain au chocolate OR a freshly squeezed OJ and loaded avocado toast?

7) Now for nail art, you prefer neutral OR vibrant?

8) Friday night is approaching and the cheat meal is in session, are you eating  tacos OR pasta?

9) Date night alert, you are finessing graphic liner OR block eyeshadow?

10) Read my lips, you're a nude OR pop of colour kinds gal?

11) What is your morning pick me up beverage, coffee OR tea?

12) In the mood for pretty pink OR fire red makeup?

13) Let's lounge, you would rather retro/mod furniture OR boho furniture?

14) Which desi appetiser has your mouth watering, samosas OR pani puri?

15) Let's boost the Oxygen in here with some indoor house plants, fancy a few cactuses OR large leafy pot plants.

16) Your self-care Friday night in is either a bubble bath and face mask OR movie night and pizza.

17) Let's get HOT in here, are you going for Korean hot pot OR Korean bbq?

18) Which is your makeup go-to, bronze brown makeup OR dewy fruity tints? 

19) The age old question are you a Saree sister OR lehnga lover? 

20) Which are you more likely to do, 10 minutes of journalling OR 10 minutes of meditating?

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]