Swap to Eyeshadow Sticks! / Best Eyeshadow Sticks & Liquid Shadows

Stick it to powder shadows and start using our 2-IN-1 range which comes equip with long lasting liquid and hydrating stick eyeshadows!

Why? Well aside from the obvious hassles of powder eyeshadows like fallout, cakiness and dryness, stick eyeshadows and liquid eyeshadows offer extra pigment, ZERO fallout AND my favourite feature ‘HYDRATION’ and dewiness, which creates a youthful glow and finish to the eye area, super important as we all know that signs of ageing are first visible around the eyes.

Our 2-IN-1 collection allows you to use either a long lasting liquid formula (which sets dry and is waterproof) or a hydrating/moisturising stick eyeshadow (which has a soft balmy finish). 


Liquid Eyeshadow:

If you are after that type of eyeshadow pigment that says POW then you’ve come to the right place. The liquid eyeshadow end of our 2-IN-1 products is packed with intense colour, so a little goes a long way, we recommend dotting just a tiny amount of the product to the centre of the eyelids, and blend out with a warm finger (to intensify the colour, build gradually by dotting and blending). For a seamless finish buff out the edges of the eyeshadow with a eyeshadow buff brush for a soft gradient effect.

Results are: long lasting, hyper pigmented and waterproof.

Stick Eyeshadow:

DEW to high demand we had to create a hydrating stick eyeshadow that leaves the lids looking fresh and youthful. When applying the 2-IN-1 stick formula we recommend dabbing the formula to a warm finger and then gradually patting the product on the eyelids, the warmth of the finger allows for the stick eyeshadow to transfer easily and evenly on the eyelids. You can also use an eyeshadow brush if you prefer. 

Results are: hydrating, soft/blurring effect and lightweight.


Colour Block Eyeshadow:

Block out bad vibes with a bright colourful block eyeshadow moment. We are talking fuchsia pink peepers, bold red side eye and even a little purple haze on the lids! The idea is you cover the entire eyelid with one block colour. We recommend using the long lasting liquid eyeshadow end of our 2-IN-1 products to create your block eyeshadow look.

Product recommendation: Sharmeen, Lolita, Rumi

Inner Corners:

A hint of colour is all you need to achieve the perfect day time eye shadow. It is all about accentuating the inner corners of the eyes with a dash of pigment, plus this technique creates the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. Use either the hydrating stick end OR the long lasting liquid eyeshadow end of the 2-IN-1 products to enhance your inner corners.

Product recommendation: Ishtar, Contessa, Dalia

Buffed Out Lower Lash:

For the rule breakers who like to do their own DAMN thing, a buffed out lower lash is an edgy shadow switch up. This look is about rocking a bare top lid and smoking out your bottom lash, we recommend applying the hydrating stick end of the 2-IN-1 products as the creamy formula blends and buffs out easily giving a beautiful soft finish.

Product recommendation: Elvira, Wewak, Anyana

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