Why Burgundy Makeup is Universal & How to Wear it!

Why burgundy makeup is universal and how to wear it!

Burgundy makeup, hands down suits ALL skin tones! That’s it, I said what I said and I’m not taking it back! Here is why…

Burgundy is a deep cool tone, meaning it will either match your natural skin tone or contrast with it. I know we’ve been taught that matching makeup to our undertone/skin tone is really important and it is, however with deep burgundy the contrast against warm and pink undertones does that magic thing were ‘opposites attract’ and it JUST WORKS! I don’t know the science or the mathematics behind it, you’re just going to have to go with me on this, and trust me you won’t be sorry. On top of that the depth of the shade means it looks pigmented and perfect on ALL people of colour from light skin tones, brown skin tones and dark skin tones.

Now to the juicy stuff, how to apply burgundy makeup, this part is important, cause some of ya’ll be taking it too far and looking a little Dracula, which heavy eye makeup and the vampy lip. Because Burgundy is such a rich colour, the trick is to isolate the area you want to accentuate with the burgundy makeup, be it the lips OR the eyes OR distribute the colour evenly. Look, it is probably going to be easier to understand by looking at some visuals and getting a step by step, which miraculously we’ve done below! Read on for a breakdown on some burgundy makeup trends.


When wearing a burgundy eye shadow the trick is to focus on the eyes and keep the rest of your makeup pretty minimal so opt for a nude lip and a touch of blush. Also keeping the eye one tone of burgundy will make for a sophisticated (high fashion) makeup look!


Let’s talk lips! Similar to the technique with the eye shadow, now flip your focus to the lips and keep your eyes simple. You’ll want your lip look to be big and bold, so feel free to do a little over lining for a more defined pout.


If you love a monochromatic makeup moment, then a burgundy wing liner, soft cheek tint and burgundy lipstick is the perfect combo.


If you fancy rocking the burgundy makeup trend then shop our multi-use 2-IN-1 shade RUMI which can be applied as a: burgundy lipstick, burgundy liquid liner, burgundy eye shadow and burgundy cheek tint.

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