Diwali Makeup Look | Elegant Nude, Bronze & Pearl Makeup Tutorial

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Here we are already embarking on another festive season, kicking things off with the 'Festival of Lights' Diwali. When I think of Diwali I visualise dreamy decadence and the elegance of fluttering lit candles.

I wanted to create a modern Diwali makeup look that was simple let yet would make the aunties heads turn. Read on for a step by step break down on this Diwali makeup look. 


To create this dreamy elegant Diwali glam I've kept the overall makeup very natural and bronzy and then added a little sparkle and shimmer with pearl accessories, which catch the light beautifully. 

I’ve seen the pearl makeup trend on Pinterest and Instagram for a while now and I've completely fallen in love with how romantic and soft the look is. The idea is really simple, you embellish your face (usually around the eye area) with beautiful little pearls. See how I incorporate the makeup pearl trend by following the steps below.

Step 1:

I’m going to kick things off with the most complex part of this makeup look, the eyes! First applying Bahati as a bronzy caramel brown eyeshadow and then sexifying the overall eye look with a thin Anyana wing liner that drags into the inner corners and fans out softly at the outer corners of your eyes, this technique is particularly suitable for South Asian woman who tend to have almond shaped eyes as the wing simply follows the natural curve of the eye.

Step 2:

Now that the eyes have been defined I’m going to tackle the placement of the pearl jewels to create an angelic dreamy glimmer. The placement of the pearls will be symmetrical (but don’t stress if they look more like sisters not twins) focusing more on the outer and inner sides of the face shaping the eyes. I recommend using a lash glue to use as a safe adhesive for sticking on the pearls to the skin.  

Step 3:

Third step, apply a cheek tint to add a beautiful flush of colour, I’ve selected our shade Dalia which makes for the perfect peachy blush. Application is easy, either dot and blend with your finger or apply with a stippled feathered brush to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 4:

No look is complete without a flawless lip. To tie in the natural bronze aesthetic together i've applied Sahara for the perfect nude lipstick. 

VendorBAHATI | Warm Brown Matte Lipstick & Liquid Lipstick
VendorANYANA | Dark Brown Matte Lipstick & Liquid Lipstick
VendorSAHARA | Sand Nude Matte Lipstick & Liquid Lipstick
VendorDALIA | Orange Brown Matte Lipstick & Liquid Lipstick


South Asian women tend to adopt a slightly yellow undertone, so finding product that is on the warmer side will help to enhance the natural pigment. I personally have a yellow undertone, so the products I’ve selected in this tutorial all have an element of yellow in the colour blend. Products featured in this tutorial include: Bahati as an eyeshadow, Anyana as a liquid wing liner, Dalia as a cheek tint and Sahara as a long lasting liquid lipstick.     

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial breakdown, if you happen to recreate this look, be sure to share on Instagram and tag us and hashtag @tasneemcosmetics #tasneemcosmetics.


VendorRUMI | incl. Deep Red Matte & Liquid Duo Formula