How to deal with a friendship breakup? 💔

Entering my late 20’s LITERALLY the latest of my 20’s, 29 (aka 20-FINE). I’ve experienced the evolution of ‘friendship’ both the beautiful highs and the heartbreaking lows. 

From childhood friends that simply fizzle to that hard and fast type of friendship which is wonderful at the beginning but then turns in to the equivalent of a ‘fuckboy’ friendship, you know the type pretty one sided and very situational.

Regardless of the reasons of a friendship breakup (because that’s a conversation for you and your therapist or personal journal), experiencing the heartbreak of losing a friendship big or small is super sad and very NORMAL. With that said, here are my 3 top tips to help heal a friendship heartbreak.

Girl, Google it:

When processing a friendship breakup there are a LOT of feels that are felt and sometimes finding accessible content that can help articulate and explain what exactly you are emotionally going through really helps. I highly recommend researching and googling podcasts, blogs and online articles, you'll be amazed at the free online content out there that discuss various topics of relationships. 

Be Bestie:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, self-love is the best love! Remember that you are your very own best friend! You don’t need to wait to do things with other people, dive into your own hobbies, take yourself out on solo dates. For some solo date ideas click here.

Foster Friendships:

Sometimes when going through a friendship struggle, the instinct to detach socially and become recluse kicks in. As much as alone time to reflect is great, remember not to get consumed with the feeling of you against the world, remember that you have amazing friends, family and loved ones in your life so really make the effort to foster those beautiful relationships.

Also don’t be afraid to get out there and make new friends and connections, try out apps like Bumble BFF or join an activity class like pottery or dance. Having an activity to bring you around people, really breaks the ice and makes it easier to get to know someone and form bounds. 

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