Sri Lanka Spice - Anyana Tutorial

If travel is the spice of life then Sri Lanka is the spice market! Completely captivating in culture, geography and colour. The people are beautiful inside and out and the opulent shade of deep coco melanin is cast all over this exquisite island country. We had to create an island look that tributes this South Asian treasure and features our brown beauty - Anyana 2-IN-1.

Step 1:
Anyana 2-IN-1 Lipstick on the lips - first applying the balmy Matte Lipstick, then seal/ shape/define the lips with the long lasting Liquid Lipstick.
Step 2:
Tint your cheeks for a warm flush of colour - dot the hydrating Matte Lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend to perfection.
Step 3:
Add a little depth to your lids -  glide the Anyana 2-IN-1 Liquid Lipstick across the eyelid to create a subtle wing. Finalise your eye look with mascara.

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]