Turkish Delight - Sharmeen Tutorial

Imagine the scent of fresh roses, the taste of sweet Turkish delight and the vision of ancient architecture and vibrant culture. As much as we can’t recreate the the Grand Bazaar in our living room we can incorporate the rich colours of Istanbul in this makeup look! 

Featuring shades Sharmeen 2-IN-1 on the lips and cheeks for a rosy touch and Elvira 2-IN-1 for a subtle smokey wing liner.

Step 1:
Sharmeen 2-IN-1 Lipstick on the lips - first applying the balmy Matte Lipstick, then seal/ shape/define the lips with the long lasting Liquid Lipstick.
Step 2:
Tint your cheeks for a rosy flush of colour - dot the hydrating Matte Lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend to perfection.
Step 3:
Add a little definition to your lids - glide the Elvira 2-IN-1 Liquid Lipstick across the eyelid to create a subtle wing. Finalise your eye look with mascara.

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]