What’s in My Bag? 👜

Spring/Summer is here and if you are anything like me you are going to be out of the house. Gallivanting, luxuriating and frolicking in all the daylight savings glory. With that being said, the scenario of you being out of the house from dusk to dawn is very much likely! So you best be equipped with the “what’s in my bag” essentials to make it through a workout class with the girlies, brunch with the in-laws and sunset Proseccos in the park... Let’s Pack!

All about the agua:

An obvious one, but pack the damn water! Drinking water is essential for maintaining health and hydration, especially on hot days, it helps to regulate body temperature, flush out toxins and waste, and keeps your skin healthy and supple. At the very least I like to carry a 500ml reusable water bottle as it is compact and fits snugly in my bag! Remember to refill throughout the day as the daily water recommendation is 2,500ml to 3,000ml of water.

Bring the balm:

Crusty lips are not cute so lip balm is essential. Even if you’ve done a killer lip combo (perhaps as 90’s dark liner and nude stain) topping your lip look regularly with balm is important as lips are prone to dryness, cracking, and chapping just because they can! Balms that have beeswax, shea butter, and vitamin E are wonderful as they are soothing, nourishing and clear, meaning they apply nicely on top of your existing lippy look (tip: dab don't swipe when reapplying your balm).

Sunscreen always:

The spontaneity of Spring/Summer days inevitably leads to fun in the sun, so packing and reapplying sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen tip, you should be applying at least 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen to your face, an easy way to measure this out is by applying a strip of sunscreen along the inside of your index and middle finger.

Oh, so shady:

Sun safety also comes in the form of sunnies and hats, which let’s face it is also a vibe if you are trying to mind your business and be incognito. A cap is my preferred choice of a hat because it is so compact and goes with mostly anything, however, the occasional cowboy akubra or wide-brim fedora adds that extra flare.

Blanket bestie:

One thing about me, I’m gonna sit down and watch a summer sunset, be it at the park, beach, river bank, hell even an abandoned building rooftop. Having a lightweight blanket, throw or even shawl is perfect for parking your toosh anywhere and gazing into the orange sunset haze.

Cards are cute:

Carrying a deck of cards is always a good idea, especially if you are spending hours on end with the besties or if you are meeting new people. Card games make for a relaxed and stimulating way to connect and socialise. Be it a simple game of go fish or a slick game of bullshit, card games are always a crowd pleaser.

So there you have it, my essential items to pack in your bag for a fun-filled Spring/Summer day out. But now I'm curious, what’s in your bag?

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]